Misinformed Delhi-ite about Kalp-taru worship

Adansonia digitata

I have seen in some TV channels focusing a tree as Kalp-Taru which has no existence in India during Vedic period.

So called Kalpataru tree in bloom

Even in our Aurveda it is not referred any where. There is no tradition of worship of this tree like Pippal or Bargad in India . The Tree is Adansonia digtata (Malvaceae) which is of African origin. It is popularly called as Boab.

There is three trees alive in Ranchi town.Kalp-taru is supposed to be a tree ,every part of which should be useful to mankind. And for this reason it should be worshipped , indirectly it can fulfill every desire.

But the tree is shelter of monkeys and birds in Africa . Even it does not provide a good shadow in summer.

The flowers are white and of foetid smell so that any Indian does not like to worship with it.

Wood has no commercial value. Fruits are favourite food of monkeys and Bats. Some people in Ranchi make Pickle and chutney with ripe fruit.

Medicinally it is not so potent plant how ever bark is used for some medicines in Africa. Leaves can’t be used as fodder. Propagation through seed is slow and it is bat pollinated.

So, how a tree of African origin can be said as Kal-ptaru. In Ranchi some forest people are planting it in temples without having complete knowledge about it.


Dept. of Botany

P.P.K.College, Bundu

Ranchi University, Ranchi

Jharkhand , India


About sudanshukumar

Since last 15 years, continuously in touch with the Indigenous and rural people of This area in relation to research work, on superstitions and misconceptions, regularly published in the Weekly column Green and Wild of the national daily Prepared a ‘DIGITAL HERBARIUM’ of about 700 wild plants of medicinal value which is enough to show the biodiversity in Jharkahnd and one can see any plant live on a mouse click.
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    wishing you great success in your efforts.

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