The death traps of Dasham falls in Jharkhand

Dasham falls  is a famous tourist spot in Jharkhand . Here  kanchi river is divided into 10 small tributaries and form falls, so it is called ‘Dasham’. It is known for its epiphenic  beauty on one hand and on the other hand it is very risky to step in the water as it has many  benthic wells acting as death traps for the visitors who could not check themselves from taking extended bath .

The view of Dasham falls  in summer from opposite side – top of the hill.

This is  caused due to its inundated  vertical wells in bottom  rocks which are not seen from the surface. The dead body remains trapped in these wells and comes  to the surface after  many days.Author has photographed some of these wells  in summer season when water flow is very  slow and some of the wells are visible.

The death traps


About sudanshukumar

Since last 15 years, continuously in touch with the Indigenous and rural people of This area in relation to research work, on superstitions and misconceptions, regularly published in the Weekly column Green and Wild of the national daily Prepared a ‘DIGITAL HERBARIUM’ of about 700 wild plants of medicinal value which is enough to show the biodiversity in Jharkahnd and one can see any plant live on a mouse click.
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