The unworthy eggs of virgin Parrot

All of us know that birds lay eggs but on the other hand it is too unusual to see our pets specially parrots to lay eggs in the cage or in captivity without mating .

One morning suddenly telephone ring struck our sound sleep and we woke up to receive the  voice of Mrs Lata Aggrwal  wife of a local herbal practitioner

Dr. S.K. Aggrwal. What she narrated was full of thrill as her parrot had laid eggs in her house.It was due to its instinctive behaviour that when ever it was let free out of its cage it ran towards  an abandoned empty drum  to get in side it .It started gathering pieces of house hold torn clothes and grasses there into. She was really surprised to see this strange behaviour of her pet . This all was a preparation towards making a natural nest . But for what ? Very soon she got the answer when she saw a whitish bright egg over the brilliantly built nest . This was not the end of her thrill because she noticed one more egg after three days and the process ended after four days with another egg. Last two eggs were comparatively smaller in size.

This story really arose a volley of questions in one’s mind . What are those factors that cause egg laying in pet parrot without mating ? How can it be differentiated superficially between that the laid eggs are fertilized or unfertilized ?

What adverse effects can be on the life of a parrot engaged in laying batches of unfertilized eggs?


To clear ambiguity in this regard  Dr.C.M. Prasad , HOD of Life stock production and management , Vet. College, BAU, Ranchi  revealed  very strange information. He told that the interrupted sleep hours of a pet parrot because of owners intervention may encourage egg production.Usually the rising temperature in summer causes egg laying in birds but the pet birds live in constant regulated environment so this factor of summer is ruled out in this case. Answering the second querry the expert  doctor revealed that there is no technique yet reported which determine superficially whether the egg is fertilized or unfertilized. In his view the “candling” merely suggests  the presence of yolk and thus it is difficult to differentiate between yolk and blastoderm[Embryo] superficially.

As to the reason of gradual decrease in size of laid eggs he told that there  occurs depletion of Calcium ,Proteins and valuble minerals at each egg laying in pet’s body and this also inflict poor health to parrot. Some times fading of the colour of the feathers is noticed  .

The only remedy to check such depletion in minerals and deterioration in parrot’s health is to supplement the food with Oyster shells, seeds and greens. Other way is the hormonal therapy to check the ovary from producing eggs.

Ultimately the fate which the unfertilized eggs usually have to face is to be broken by desperate mother parrot  who incubates these for long  22to 25 days. Really these are unworthy eggs.

Bandana /Sudhanshu



About sudanshukumar

Since last 15 years, continuously in touch with the Indigenous and rural people of This area in relation to research work, on superstitions and misconceptions, regularly published in the Weekly column Green and Wild of the national daily Prepared a ‘DIGITAL HERBARIUM’ of about 700 wild plants of medicinal value which is enough to show the biodiversity in Jharkahnd and one can see any plant live on a mouse click.
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3 Responses to The unworthy eggs of virgin Parrot

  1. arunavadatta says:

    This really a very interesting story about the bird although biologically it ispossible.

  2. Stephan says:

    Dear Sudanshu,
    I have seen the parrot. Without falling too deep into the trap of anthropomorphism, I was amazed to see her capacity of communication and her great sensibility.
    Considering that, and the fate of the unworthy eggs, the remaining question is :
    Should we leave her to live that unfortunate end or should we advise the owner of parrot to enjoy eating a delicious omelet? 😉

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