cruellty on animals in jharkhand

Kumari  Bandana

Department of Zoology ,P.P.K.College ,Bundu. ,Ranchi, Jharkhand, India.


 Strange superstitious practices through killing of innocent animals in Jharkhand.

 Jharkhand is a land of forest and tribals . The ehnic groups residing here are mainly Oraons , Mundas , Santhals , Bedias , Ho  and Purans. They have their own traditions of worship and other things .They rely on their folk-lores for the fulfllment of long cherrished wishes .Author has found  that some of the small animals like tortoise , owl , gaerden lizards ,bats etc.   are the victms of  such  superstitious practices and got killed for the satisfaction of their desires . For examlpe tortoises are killed on a large scale for  their meat beleived  enhancing the life span of man.The prevalent  practice of sacrificing owls for pleasing the Goddess of wealth is really disheartening for the environment conservationists. It is worth mentioning here  that these animals are one of the  important links of our  ecosystem . There is a harsh need now felt as to initiate mass awareness drive  against such superstitious mass killing of these poor creatures in interiors of Jharkhand.

Snakes are killed to extract oil for various diseases



Water Hen cptured from field and boiled in oil ,the oil used for various diseases


Tortoise killed for treatment of various diseases

Bike as different animal carrier


About sudanshukumar

Since last 15 years, continuously in touch with the Indigenous and rural people of This area in relation to research work, on superstitions and misconceptions, regularly published in the Weekly column Green and Wild of the national daily Prepared a ‘DIGITAL HERBARIUM’ of about 700 wild plants of medicinal value which is enough to show the biodiversity in Jharkahnd and one can see any plant live on a mouse click.
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