Do you know that TajMahal is standing on a wodden base


Taj Mahal was built on the banks of Yamuna in Agra(1632-1653) by Mugal emperor SahJahan as a memorial to his wife Mumtaj mahal .

The foundation of Taj is made of Ebony wood which needs constant flow of water to remain firm and durable.’EBONY’ is a greek word having the meaning ‘Fruit of God’.   Sahjahan had selected best quality of ebony wood for the foundation of TajMahal. Ebony wood  is obtained from the trees of Diospyros sps.  Diospyros crassiflora (Gaboon ebony) is supposed to be one of the best ebony and is found in West Africa. Another ebony is Diospyros ebenum found in India and SriLanka. Diospyros teselaria is the ebony trre found in Mauritius. All ebony trees are now struggling for their existence.In Jharkhand  D. ebenum ,D. exculpata D. malbarica, D.montana and D. melanoxylon(Kend) are found

The level of Yamuna goes down  in these years causing threat to the base of Taj Mahal because without consant flow of water Ebony wood shrinks causing cracks in the main  building.  So. it is high time to protect the Taj from this new type of threat.


About sudanshukumar

Since last 15 years, continuously in touch with the Indigenous and rural people of This area in relation to research work, on superstitions and misconceptions, regularly published in the Weekly column Green and Wild of the national daily Prepared a ‘DIGITAL HERBARIUM’ of about 700 wild plants of medicinal value which is enough to show the biodiversity in Jharkahnd and one can see any plant live on a mouse click.
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